Flash VAG Bosch EDC16U34 ECU with FGTech Galletto 4

FGTech V54 Galletto 4 is the fastest and most secure chip tuning tool, features Multi-language, User-friendly and No Activation Needed. FGTech V54 supports wide range of vehicles, such as truck, motorcycles, cars and marine.

Supported OS: A laptop running Win XP / Vista / Win7 (without any anti-virus software and internet/network connection)

Guide for you to flash VAG Bosch EDC16U34 ECU:

1. Install the V54 FGTech Galletto 4 Master Software;
Video for Installation Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FH_V39N3FlM

2. Connect v54 fgtech galletto 4 master with PC/Laptop, setup boot and BDM.

3. Find out the BDM pads showed at following picture;

4. Carefully align with the BDM Port ECU programming spring adapter/probe drop and secure frame.

Kindly Note: Confirm all is connected correctly;

5. Run FGTech V54 software, accept the system notice.
Kindly Note:
Make sure you have 12V+ feeding FGTECH 4 master main device and the intermediate adapter.

6. Turn intermediate adapter to ON, the read LED indicator will flash;

7. Click the Option list as the order: “Select Driver” >> “BMD-Jtag” >> “Connect”;

8. If communication between FGTech Galletto 4-Master V54 and PC/Laptop is well built, green bar will start loading and finally display ECU information.

9. Ready to read and write ECU. Choose “Read EEPROM” to read EEPROM via system prompts, and then select Write Eeprom”; once ok, turn the switch off.

10. Exit FGTech V54 software program.

Pro technician experience with Chinese fgtech V54 Galletto 4

2nd March, 2015 update
I just bought Chinese 2014 FGTech V54 Galletto 4 at 67.88 + shipping to US, so I will test it once I get it next week and advise.

7th March, 2015 update
I just received my package today. I will install and test tomorrow and advise how it goes.

8th march, 2015 update
Enclosed are 2 images of galletto v54, I don´t know if there is a difference with version 53.

In the beginning, as for the software I am having some trouble installing it cause there is only 2 files. It installs ok but when try to run I can’t do it. I am working on it. Finally, I have installed the software, actually it was pretty simple to install. First install galletto app, the install galletto win7 app that is it. If anyone have issue to install fgtech v54 software, follow this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FH_V39N3FlM

9th march, 2015 update
I tried to test with car and test successfully on these models:
continental simos pcr 2.1 unlock and read/write via obd
edc17cp20 read/write boot mode
edc16c34 read/write bdm
med 9.5.10 read/write bdm
t5 2008 edc16.... read/write bdm
me7.1 obd and pinout need immo off
edc15p read/write pinout need to set power to max. mode not eco mode from power settings . if power set to eco mode will not even read it
t4 edc15vm read/write pinout most chose from car list LT not t4

I see a lot of users have Galetto 4 v54 error on writing mitsu mh7203 mcu , mine is working good until today , just after I installed the FNR 4 in 1 galleto refused to work I did everything , uninstall/installed drivers exct......
Long story to short: Fgtech Galleto V54 likes it to be single (like VASPC and BMW on same partition (for some)

I don’t know but maybe it is a good idea also to have a look at what soft is installed together with it just a thought as I bumped into this problem today only way I could solve was to reformat.

IMMO off FIAT Punto with v54 fgtech galletto 4 master

Need to immo off FIAT Punto, and I need to know what chip that I should read???
The following photo shows the ECU that I need to immo off.

Someone told me that I can read it by BDM100 or PIASINI.

Someone guest me I have a me73h4 ECU. I can read it many ways.
Here is a diagram how to read flash he made, he use galleto v54 for it. It always works well.

Then I ordered one v54 fgtech galletto 4 master, use your galetto on car list
pin 20 = gnd
pin = +12 v
pin 53 = kline ( green wire in galletto)
I can read fiat me7.3 as ferrari me7.3 or alfa me7.3 by using ME 73H4. but this ECU is for fiat and it is not on the car driver list of fgtech galletto v54,according to galletto list, the fiat punto 1.2 16v is not on the list . there is just the photo of the ECU. I have to select the car and model so i can read. and there is no other car that has the same ECU .


How to use Fgtech galletto 4 V54 ECU Programmer?

BDM Alternative - Galletto setup - a how to

However, from time to time I see members still asking how to do a bench setup, so I thought I'd quickly throw something together (hence the carpet!! Don't do this!!!) And show how you can bench/carpet flash via BDM (I am partial to BDM still despite the OBD advancement).

Alternative to this is of course the very excellent XDFproject Tool made by forum member Tap (there's no need to do a write up on this as Tap provides a how-to when you buy his tool).

Let me say that Tap's tool is in my opinion superior for the general user (as it reads both chip sets at the same time (rather than individually like the Galletto clone) and is a faster working system and has potential for future upgrades - it also has various debug modes built into it).

Anyways, if you are after a cheapish BDM solution a clone Fgtech V54 is the way to go and it works well.

Once you have installed everything correctly and the software runs, hook your system up like so (one power supply source to power the DME and Fgtech v54 Galletto 4 is sufficient, in this case a switchable power supply pack that's on 12V 2.5A output was stable for this DME [Edit: my subsequent testing has shown that 2.5A might be insufficient for this DME - I still feel it needs to be 5-10A to be stable).

Software screen should show you the voltage, select 5V for BDM flashing.

Galletto provides a connector board between the Galletto 4 v54 main unit and the BDM connector plug line - this basically just switches the pins around. I didn't like the board itself as it made everything too short and the contacts were not insulated so you could accidentally ground or short on the DME, so ended up making my own conversion harness (easily enough to do, just follow the printed track on the connector board) - Self made harness top, supplied board bottom.

The siemens BDM connector

Alternatively you can use spring loaded BDM probes on a siemens board that you can buy on the net - handy if you don't want to solder header pins.

From main software screen select driver and select as per screenshot for the MSS54/HP

Ok, then click Connect

Once connected, it will show the chipset in box on top left. In this case FLASH AMD 29F200BB

Now to read, click Read Ext Flash, screen pops up, just type in name of the file you want to call it and the location you want to save it to

Save and it'll start reading


To write, the process is the same, except you select Write Ext Flash. A screen will pop up for you to select the .bin file. Then it'll ask if you want checksum corrected. Rest is self explanatory.

FAQ FgTech Galletto 4 V54 mini ECU master

Following are the most frequently asked questions of FgTech Galletto V54 ECU tuning kit Master version.

About software:

Q: I have got my package, but the CD is broken, where and how can i get the software? 
A: Sorry, you need to buy new FgTech ECU programmer.

Q: After I install the software, it ask me to update it, can I update it?
A: No, update the Galletto V54 software will damage the device.

Q: Is it possible to download the key tools software because CD is corrupted?
A: Here is the link for mini tag key tool software:

Q: Is there manual to install galletto because i don't have information?
A: Here is the software installation video guide for FGTech Galletto 4:

About function:

Q: FGTech Galletto 4 can cancel EGR gestation via OBD? 
A: Sorry, at present it still can not do this function, it just can read and write the Data of Engine ECU

Q: Can Fgtech V54 do this ecu Bosch EDC16 BMW(P3)?
A: Yes, it can do.

Q:Can your v54 master really can do boot mode tricore?
A:Yes,it can do,but depends on your ecu ,sir,we have tested on VW,it can do

Q: Hello I wanted to know if it can work with the truck to 24v or needs transformer
A: Sorry, Galletto V54 cannot support 24V truck model.

Q: Hello new V54 FGtech Galletto 4 support NEW JTAG Renesas?
A: It can support new chip JTAG, but can not support all of these ecu chips. Please kindly note.

Q: Hello, does FG-tech V54 can support Peugeot 308Turbo?
A: Whether it work on your car, that's mainly depends on the ecu model, please check fgtech v54 ecu passing list here:

Q: Does FGTech Galletto Support Siemens Sid 208 OBD or Tricore? 
A:  FGTech Galletto supports Tricore function.

Q:Can FGTech Galletto work in Continental SID 208?
A: Sorry, it cannot.

Q: Can fgtech v54 supports checksum function?
A: Yes, fgtech v54 can checksum automatically after it read out the data.

Q: Will fgtech galletto 4 V54 master work on 2007 Dodge Caravan J1850 protocol?
A: Yes, you can try it.

Q: Fg tech v54 can read and write the edc17c9 Opel fiat?
A: Sorry, it cannot.

Q: For MED 17,which one is better, KESS V2 or this one?
A: KESS V2 is better.

Q: Install well,test well,just wonder why it cannot do 2013 or 2014 years car
A: This version just can do 2013 around, cannot do very new car

 About installation:

Q: I installed the Galetto V54 Software and Driver on my Windows XP without any Problems. Then I tried to start the Software. I get the error "This Software cannot run under Virtual Machine". 
A: Try opening the VMX file associated with the virtual machine.
Add these lines:
monitor_control.restrict_backdoor = "TRUE"
disable_acceleration = "TRUE"

Q: Can I install FgTech Galletto V54 software on Win 7?
A: Yes, but you can load Galletto software on one system only, Win 7 or Win XP.

Q: Hi, i wanna purchase your computer together; can you install the software for me before shipping?
A: Yes, our engineer will do this for you if you need.

Q: Hello mate,I just want ask you,Eobd fgtech galletto master 4 is working on windows 7 32 or 64 bit version?
A: Yes, but we suggest customers to use it on windows XP.

Q: Do I need to set the PC time when installing software?
A: It depend what condition you use, if your have some problem, please contact us.

Q: Got my parcel, do you have instruction for installation?? 
A: There is a CD in the package and video guide on our webpage, please check them first.

About installation error:

Q: My FgTech V54 master has Eobd2.exe error?

A: Follow these steps to fix:
1 you need reinstall it double press set up
2 no need delete the FTECH2 V54 software you have install,
 it will cover the old one

Q: Can Fgtech Galletto V53 be directly updated to Fgtech Galletto V54 and use Fgtech Galletto 4 software?
A: Sorry, it can not update directly. If you want fgtech v54, you need to buy new Fgtech.

Other questions:

Q:Is it possible to order ONLY the cables and Adapters for bdm without the interface?
A: You can order ONLY the cables and Adapters, we will send you the price, please check your email.

Q: In my country, import goods cannot include power adapter, how to solve this problem???

A: We can take the power adapter out of the package, then send it by simple airmail.

FGTech Galletto 4 Master BDM V54 Software Installation

FGTech V54 Galletto 4 Master has released to the latest version V54. According to the users’ feedback, many of them have some difficulty in installing the software. Here list the installation guide from obdtool service.

Step 1 Insert Galletto 4 V54 CD in to PC (Window XP/ 7/ vista OS)

Step 2 Run FGTech Galletto edited v1.0 Setup
Set the installation file into the local disk C:// folder. Select install from a specific location to local disk C:// folder

Step 3 Run FGTech software on the desktop and reinstall it again (Repeat Step 2)

Step 4 Finish installation. Select language (8 language available including: French, Italian, English, Deutsch, Espanol, Portuguese, Czech, Turkish) and vehicle makes (support cars, trucks & motorcycles )

Do not install other software with the FG Tech software on the same PC.

Tutorial video:

Software download link:

Tutorial video:

Software download link:

Installation error solving:
If you meet “unable to launch eobd.exe” error during the installation, please delete the old software and reinstall the FG Tech V54 software.

Never try to update the device otherwise the unit will be damaged.

FGTech Galletto4 V54 connection guide:


FGtech Galletto V54 VS Galletto V53 Which better?

This message is to Every one that have a FGtech Galletto. Or want to Buy a new one:
I have inspecting the FGtech Galletto V53 and the Galletto V54, and after a long time, for my Surprise, I reached a conclusion, For some of you must be a desilusion for others are good news.


So, if you have a galletto V53 do not Buy the new one V54, because the only diference is the software, that does not come with Virus and trojans. 

Advise to every one that have galetto V53:You computer is full of virus and trojans, if you do not believe, Just try to run a best antivirus you have, and even with the best antivirus, the virus does not come out of the computer, You must format it.

Think since you buy galletto V53 if you had problems reading and writing ECU´s. Think if you have that problem with Galletto v52.

Think about other problems you have in Galletto PC when you insert a pen to copy something to another computer.

For sure you have a lot of problems coming when you installed the new version of Galletto V53.

The solution To have a Galletto V53 working like a Galletto 4 V54, is to have a good Software.

Nothing More.

Some one Make a compilation of the Software for Galletto V53 to give so many Problems,that People have to buy the next version V54.
and they are selling it for 600 USD. and in Europe some shops are selling it for 600 and 700.

Once more: Find a good sofware, and you will have a fgtech galletto 4 V54.

Hoppe this help a lot of people. Because many People need to Work and can not work with galletto V53, and have to Buy the V54 when some of them do not even have money to eat a good meal at the end of the day. 

Some one prove to me that I am not correct!!!

If some one have a clone with this software, then I believe you have a new Version of Galletto with new ECU drivers: If not you are are being scammed. 

Here is Also the board of the fgtech galletto 4 V54 Version For the ones that have a good V53 Clone to compare the most smal component. then is just comparing the software. Good Luk to all.


FGtech V54 read and write SF10Fxx (K-Line) via Tircore Boot Mode

I have tested some other models:

EDC16U1 (VAG) Read/Write ok (OBD)
EDC15V (VAG) Read/Write ok (OBD)
E70 3.0D EDC16 (BDM)
Renault Delphi 2007 k-line

I use FGtech V54 want to read and write SF10Fxx (K-Line) via Tircore Boot Mode, and success, now, I share the process for how to do it.
1. Connection, and install software

2. After well install and connect FgTech galletto master v54, come to software main program, select vehicle and engine type

3. Select “Read” and then “Write”, well, it is quite easy